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About indigoLife Magazine

indigoLife Magazine is a quarterly publication that showcases progress among African Americans across Middle and South Georgia. What is unique about of our magazine is that in each Issue, we feature business and personality treasures that highlight the splendor of the Black community  with stories that are often disregarded in exchange for negative publicity on the socioeconomic challenges facing  particular communities in this region of the South . indigoLife Magazine also provides its readers useful information found in our other stories and columns that address issues surrounding education, social reform, health and wellness, fashion, entertainment, business, and a whole lot more.

The content of indigoLife Magazine has been reviewed by ICB Productions, Inc. for its intent to build inclusive communities. Upon rigorous evaluation, agents for indigoLife Magazine evidence strong commitment to adhere to community building principles. Therefore, indigoLife Magazine bears the seal of distinction as an ICB certified publication. The ICB Seal is an emblem of our promise to present information that is uplifting, empowering, and that meets quality standards for inclusive community building.

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  • Anderson Cooper geuinely expresses a genuine heart with Haiti. "killhttp://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/01/12/cooper-hearts-with-haiti3-anniversary-ac.cnn

  • Oprah's acceptance speech at 2018 Golden Globes rouses audience to a wild standing ovation. https://www.youtube.com/embed/EnVaB5zE47U

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  • Meet Isaiah, 17 year old African American, straight out of Compton, California... overcoming stereotypes, breaking barriers, accessing mainstream opportunities all while in the air.

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  • HISTORIC ELECTION IN CORDELE, GEORGIA: With decades of a majority Black population, it was not until December 5, 2017 that Cordele, Georgia elected its 1st African American Chairman of the City Commission, John Wiggins. Wiggins joins two other African American City Commissioners, Royce Reeves, Sr. and Vesta Beal-Shephard, which means that Cordele, for the first time in its history, now has a Black majority on the Board of City Commissions. #CordeleGeorgia #historicelection #JohnWiggins (Pictured is John Wiggins, newly elected Chairman of Cordele City Commissions)

  • Change is a global trend... #inclusivecommunitybuilding #indigolifemag

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