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About indigoLife Magazine

indigoLife Magazine is a quarterly publication that showcases progress among African Americans across Middle and South Georgia. What is unique about of our magazine is that in each Issue, we feature business and personality treasures that highlight the splendor of the Black community  with stories that are often disregarded in exchange for negative publicity on the socioeconomic challenges facing  particular communities in this region of the South . indigoLife Magazine also provides its readers useful information found in our other stories and columns that address issues surrounding education, social reform, health and wellness, fashion, entertainment, business, and a whole lot more.

The content of indigoLife Magazine has been reviewed by ICB Productions, Inc. for its intent to build inclusive communities. Upon rigorous evaluation, agents for indigoLife Magazine evidence strong commitment to adhere to community building principles. Therefore, indigoLife Magazine bears the seal of distinction as an ICB certified publication. The ICB Seal is an emblem of our promise to present information that is uplifting, empowering, and that meets quality standards for inclusive community building.

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  • Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King and the role he played in the advancement of our society toward the improvement of our human conditions.

  • #blackexcellence https://abc11.com/4-nccu-roommates-become-judges-together/4631965/

  • indigoLife Family, in this season of giving, let's accept the challenge you "TO BE"... be hope, be joy, be happiness, be salvation, be a guide, be a friend, be a listening ear, be a warm embrace, be a father, be a mother, be a sister, be a brother, be a timely word, be love... BE the gift that someone needs. Have a Happy Holiday season and help bring happiness to someone else!

  • Introducing our 2018 indigoLife Black Life Treasures, inclusive community builders in their respective fields.

  • Imagine this: it’s the last day of indigoLife Women's Empowerment & Cultural Expo 2018. We’ve been recharged, renewed, and rededicated to our purpose. We’ve been given the tools of empowerment, so we come out the gate in the lead. We are ready to start anew, to embrace our lives with boldness, fearlessness, and confidence… we are ready to reclaim our right to be healthy, happy, and whole. What still is that last boost we need just before take off? How can we ensure we don’t fall off the path of excellence to perhaps delay our destiny? Meet another of our Day 3 Facilitators, Adria Hookes, Atlanta’s Certified Business Coach & CEO. Adria, The Business Bae™, will engage the participants in an exercise of accountability, affirmation, and action, to help minimize setbacks, and instead help to guarantee the ladies are rooted in a sustainable posture, so that when we meet again, we can celebrate our attainment of maximum productivity and profitability. indigolifeonline.com/purchase #indigolifewece2018 #indigolifewoman

  • When the purpose of painting extends beyond the application of color theory, brush strokes, and media choices to actually using painting as a means to promote harmony and social growth, what a powerful relationship building tool! This session, “When painting is social,” is designed to express how beauty is not only in the product. It is in the process, as well. During this session, participants will make beautiful artwork through the process of unity and community, where they themselves will join in the spirit of working together. Meet Ashley Lundy of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Carmen Liana of Cordele, GA, and Vicki Johnson of Vienna, Georgia, a cadre of accomplished visual artists, who will engage attendees in a number of social projects, which will result in painting collectives to be presented to Women’s Centers in Southwest Georgia. indigolifeonline.com/purchase #indigolifewece2018

  • “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” We’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? The problem with that old adage is that, under the guise of perfection, one may be adopting an unhealthy, self-sabotaging, and potentially stressful lifestyle. If this is you and you maintain this line of thinking, you may end up doing everything, yourself… by yourself. Over time, the ‘I got this’ attitude may even condition others to become comfortable with watching you overload yourself. Could it also be that when we become so bogged with how something gets done that we deny others the chance to learn to do that something well? Meet another of our Day 3 Facilitators, Community Building Strategist, Eneka Ferguson, with ICB Productions, Inc., research, education, and management firm based in South Florida. Ferguson will help participants counter tendencies to discount the help others may be able to provide. Furthermore, she will empower attendees with community building strategies for nurturing a healthy environment through effective inclusive community engagement, so that no one in the community is overloaded. #indigolifewece #indigolifewoman www.indigolifeonline.com/purchase

  • Caring for a family member or close friend is one of the most important roles you’ll play. It may start with driving your loved one to get groceries or to the doctor. Later, you may find yourself taking more time off from work, preparing meals or handling bills. No matter where you are in the journey of family caregiving— just beginning to anticipate a need, helping coordinate a big move, or taking care of a family member full time—having a good framework to help guide both you and your loved one will make the process easier. Meet our Day 3 Facilitator, Cordele native, Reggie Nance. Associate State Director for Multicultural Outreach, Nance joins us from AARP New York to guide empower our attendees with strategies on how to “Prepare to Care: Care giving for the 21st Century.” This session will offer practical tools to guide you in caring for your family members or close friends. You will be provided information, resources, and checklists to help you get organized and find the support that you might need on your caregiving journey. #indigoLifewece2018 www.indigolifeonline.com/purchase

  • A trademark of the indigoLife business woman is her progressive radical nature. She is considered an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker and not constricted in terms of her creativity and how she processes information; therefore, is not unlike her to establish a brand that transcends national borders. You might rightfully guess that in this technological age, especially with the advent of social media, there are endless possibilities for her to easily become a global personality and garner wide-spread visibility. Meet marketing expert, Elisa Lashell, who at rapid speed is becoming a global icon. Elisa Lashell served on the international resource development team with Habitat for Humanity as part of its first global capitalization campaign. She is noted for securing Habitat’s first billion dollar donor, and has since taken to social media to develop a consistent efficient strategic marketing process, to grow for both herself and her clients, a massive following, as well as visibility and brand recognition both nationally and internationally. She maintains an active audience which spans across 27 states and seven countries. This Day 2 Facilitator will show you how to do the same: use social media as a gateway to expand your reach across global markets. #indigolifewece2018 #indigolifewoman www.indigolifeonline.com/purchase

  • Homeschooling, a growing option among Black families.

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