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About indigoLife Magazine

indigoLife Magazine is a quarterly publication that showcases progress among African Americans across Middle and South Georgia. What is unique about of our magazine is that in each Issue, we feature business and personality treasures that highlight the splendor of the Black community  with stories that are often disregarded in exchange for negative publicity on the socioeconomic challenges facing  particular communities in this region of the South . indigoLife Magazine also provides its readers useful information found in our other stories and columns that address issues surrounding education, social reform, health and wellness, fashion, entertainment, business, and a whole lot more.

The content of indigoLife Magazine has been reviewed by ICB Productions, Inc. for its intent to build inclusive communities. Upon rigorous evaluation, agents for indigoLife Magazine evidence strong commitment to adhere to community building principles. Therefore, indigoLife Magazine bears the seal of distinction as an ICB certified publication. The ICB Seal is an emblem of our promise to present information that is uplifting, empowering, and that meets quality standards for inclusive community building.

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  • Imagine being at a networking event, and needing to make a first impression--the type impression that will yield a great professional opportunity. It’s at that moment that you realize that you could possibly be just 30 seconds (an elevator pitch) away from a major career or entrepreneurial boost. Are you prepared to concisely and fluidly express your professional goals and the value of what you bring to the table? Beyond a doubt, how you ‘show up, work the room, and follow up’ could impact your ability to advance both professionally and personally. To present the foundational elements of branding through networking designed to yield rewarding personal and professional alliances, we are privileged to have as one of our Day 1 Facilitators, Dr. Wendy Wilson, highly sought for her expertise and training in the areas of professional and leadership development. Dr. Wilson, Executive Director at Albany State University-Cordele Campus, and CEO of public relations firm, W2 Consulting, will share proper execution of personal/professional brand development and networking strategies while discussing the topic: “The power of networking for building personal and professional alliances.” Meet this indigoLife Woman, Dr. Wilson, in Cordele, May 17, 2018. #indigolifewece2018 indigolifewece.com indigolifeonline.com/purchase

  • More recently, the scales are weighing heavily on the side of young girls, who are entering the juvenile justice system at unprecedented rates. Some believe that the increase results from factors including trauma and early age abuse, where our young girls are left to fend for themselves, figure out life on their own, and develop unhealthy self-perceptions and internal pain, all expressed through their life choices. Day 1 Facilitator, Coena Lavette Royal, Youth and Family Specialist, State of Illinois Juvenile Justice System will challenge participants to create programs and/or connect our young girls to programs with Big Sisters, who will encourage, inspire, and nurture our girls to a state of wholeness onto a positive life path. Meet Coena Thursday, May 17 in Cordele as she facilitates the breakout session titled, "Do you see me? The cry of teenage girls to be understood, and the challenge to Big Sisters to positively engage them." www.indigolifewece.com www.indigolifeonline.com/purchase #indigolifewece2018

  • Cordele knows there is something about that color green; this time it's Kayla Green, following the footsteps of her sister, Keidra Green, to dominate the courts, with her teammate, Elesha Foster, at Southwest Georgia's Albany State University in Albany, Georgia.

  • No greater time in our society than today that the call to character is most pressing. In this hour of humanity, needed is the regal and value-centered indigoLife Woman, she whose feet are planted in positive character and whose life evidences prosperity, emanating from her reputation of goodwill. Pray tell, indigoLife Woman, how do you maintain your integrity? What keeps you from refusing societal pressures to relinquish your principles and your good name in exchange for money, status, power, and fame? To address these and other questions is our most capable panel of women, common among them being their staunch faith in God, their love for humanity, and the affirmations of hope they provide to those seeking to live an overcoming life. Meet Lillie Weaver, Pastor of New Light International Outreach and Patient Access Director at Crisp County Regional Hospital; Patricia Barron, Owner / CEO of Synergistic Staffing & Training Center, Inc.; and Marisa Wedges, Quality Improvement Assessor for Quality Health Strategies. Join us, Thursday, May 17, in Cordele, Georgia for an inspiring panel discussion on the topic: “The indigoLife Woman in Conflicting Times.” #indigolifewece2018 www.indigolifeonline.com/purchase

  • We when interviewed her in 2013, she was at the time 99 years of age, and her sister, Mother Carrie Lee Porter was 101. Together, they gave us a combined 200 years of American History lessons. The both of them, our 1st indigoLife Black Life Treasures, graced the front cover of our 1st edition of indigoLife Magazine. Today, Mother Lucille Shazier, sharp as ever, celebrated her 104th birthday. Surrounded by family and friends, she was decked as normal in her most bejeweled regalia, no surprise to those who know her. From the indigoLife Family, we extend Happy birthday greetings to this Queen, well-deserving of every moment of honor bestowed upon her.

  • Coming to Albany, GA... Donnie McClurkin! How exciting for Southwest Georgia!

  • Diverse cultures across African continent represented in Black Panther costumes.

  • First time in history that official portraits of U. S. President and First Lady are rendered by African American artists. The Obamas continue setting new trends, changing the course of history.

  • Are you among the increasing number of adults who look forward to a fresh cup of coffee to get your day going? Now add to that a great conversation about a meaningful topic that could really help transform our society, and you've got yourself "Coffee and conversations with Kawambee D and Adaciously Made," a facebook live talk show hosted by two of Southwest Georgia's most fashionable, relatable social media moderators, who share candid, down-to-earth and transparent conversations about their personal journeys as entrepreneurs and modern-day women. How fortunate are we that they will moderate their show live at the indigoLife Women's Empowerment and Cultural Expo 2018 to engage a panel of three women on the topic: "The indigoLife Woman in Conflicting Times." Meet Kawambee Dee and Adaciously Made in Cordele on Thursday, May 17, 2018. #indigolifewece2018

  • When searching for a personality who could aptly address the need for mindset shifting as a precondition for empowerment, not a better Queen was more suitable than Kim Whitehead, Atlanta’s Award winning 5-Star Rated Author, CEO and The Dream Strategist™ of LuxDreamGroup, and founder of Demand the Dream. Whitehead has helped position countless men and women to manifest their dreams and to develop the mental preparedness and stamina to experience sustainability in the areas of which they seek to be empowered. We are therefore honored to bring her back to Cordele, this time as our Keynote Speaker for our 4th Annual indigoLife Women’s Empowerment & Cultural Expo 2018. Meet Kim Whitehead in Cordele on Friday, Day 2, May 18, 2018. #indigolifewece2018 indigolifeonline.com/purchase indigolifewece.com

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