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Fall 2014

This past summer, I visited home in Miami, Florida, and was pleased to know that three of my nieces were also visiting from Texas. Because we live in different states, I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, so our being in South Florida at the same time was a real treat for me.

The day prior to them leaving, my sister-in-law, the girls’ mother, called and asked if I wanted to spend the morning with them at the beach.  I was delighted, and agreed to go. This would be the only chance I’d get to spend with them during their visit. Besides, it had been years since I had been to the beach. Relaxation at the beach, coupled with the joys of ‘Auntie-hood,’ said, “oh yeah; this was going to be a great morning.”

When they arrived at my parents’ home, I saw what a difference one year had made in their development—the girls had surpassed me in height, and were maturing into such sweet teens though the youngest still enjoyed the perks of being the ‘baby.’  After the initial greeting of kisses and tight hugs, off to the beach we went.

The sun was beaming, but it was perfect beach weather. We got to the ocean, and little did I know that at the water’s edge was a sweet treasure which the Creator had purposed just for me. The treasure was a life lesson, packaged in youthful play with my nieces, who started splashing water to ensure that every part of me was wet. Upon my returning the favor, they took it up a notch, combing through the water to pick up handfuls of seaweed to toss toward me. Nothing seemed funnier to them than my reaction to what I thought were live sea animals.   Now the war games were on with our chasing each other splashing water, tossing algae.  

The treasure unveiled when one of my nieces, now an ally, volunteered to help me catch her sister. She happened to look behind us, and said, ‘Look, Auntie Lisa! There’s a big pile of seaweed. Do you want me to go get it?” I replied, ‘No dear, we don’t have to do that. Let’s just wait for the ocean’s waves to push it toward us.” No sooner than I uttered those words, I had an epiphany. I knew there was something the Creator was speaking to me by my own words.

I realized that too often people exert unnecessary energy in pursuit of what is already on the way. You may ask, ‘If it’s on the way, that means it’s mine; what’s wrong with my going to get it what is intended for me?’ First of all, allowing the waves to do its job requires discipline to wait for the appointed time.  This is opportunity the Creator uses to establish us in patience, a necessary character trait for healthy living. Furthermore, the waves represent a divine strategy or a set of circumstances orchestrated and energized by the Creator to move in our direction that which belongs to us.

Don’t mess things up by infusing in the process an upsetting energy that can disrupt the flow of the waves, perhaps causing you to miss the ‘good’ that was intended for you. In other words, pump your brakes; settle down and wait with patience at the water’s edge. In the words of my Mentor, rest in the Miracle, knowing that whatsoever good the Creator has intended for you, it’s in the waves; it’s on the way.  Though it may tarry, wait for it. It is done, and it will come.

It’s been my pleasure spending time with you, my friend. And remember, I’m counting on you to stay In My Korner.

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