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No Difference

No Difference
By Christopher Jenkins
              Sometimes when I’m riding around town and I see individuals living on the streets struggling to survive, it often makes me wonder. I ask myself: how could they let themselves get to such a low place? What person in his right mind would let himself take such a downward spiral? I tell myself that I will never let that be me. As I assure myself that it could never be me, my grandfather’s words echo in my head. He always tells me that no matter what my intentions and aspirations may be always remember that I am no better than any of those people.
              He is absolutely right. I am no different than any of them. I’m human the same as they are. Although some things in life happen by chance, it is ultimately based on decisions. We all have choices to make that determine our fate.
              If I make the choice to drink too much liquor, I will become an alcoholic the same as anybody else. If I commit a crime, I will go to jail the same as anybody else. The choice is mine to make. I can’t blame anyone but myself for my failures or success. We can’t let ourselves ever think that we are above or better than any situation.
              I still find myself having to work on my humility at times though. For example, I get mad at people on the streets sometimes when they stop and ask for change. There is really no reason for me to get upset. They haven’t done anything to me except ask for a little help. I still ask for help every now and then. I have to put myself in their shoes and think of how I would feel if someone got angry at me for asking for help. Instead of losing my temper what I should do is offer them a few words of encouragement.
              Nobody in this world is perfect. We are all susceptible to the evils of this world. We should avoid being so judgmental the way we have a tendency to be as humans. We have to take the time and understand that everyone has his own story and personal battles. We never know when we might fall on tough times, so it is best to always show compassion to our fellow man because we are all the same in the eyes of the creator.
                                                                                                       Peace and Blessings
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