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The Rule of Law — but is it Fair?

We are said to be a nation that respects the “rule of law.”  But what happens when the law is used by those in power to disenfranchise the powerless.  As one who is familiar with the legal system, all too often judicial officials settle on the outcome that they want and then use the law as a vehicle to legitimize their position.  How do we ensure that the power to interpret and apply the law is exercised fairly empowering all in the community to get a fair shake?  How can a non-lawyer navigate the legal system and not be brutalized by lawyers who know all the ins and outs?  It seems to me that a new model of resolving legal disputes is required that levels the playing field.  What are your suggestions?  Your thoughts?  The wisest of men once said, “it’s not that the problem that counts, it’s the solution!”

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