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Product Overview

About indigoLife™ Magazine

indigoLife™ Magazine is a quarterly publication featuring “indigoLife Black Life Treasures” from across Middle and Southwest Georgia. The publication is also filled with stories and columns that address hot topics surrounding issues related to education, social reform, health and wellness, entertainment, business, etc. Our mission is to inspire social uplift and empowerment as an inclusive community building movement. Our official publishing company is indigoLife Communications, Inc, a three-year old for-profit company, serving individuals and corporate clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. In addition to publishing indigoLife™ Magazine, we provide a plethora of writing and editorial services for business and personal needs.

Our Readership and Circulation

We have identified more than 1,000,000 residents of Southwest Georgia as our direct target of potential readers. However, while the stories of indigoLife™ Magazine feature personalities who live or have roots and connections to Middle and Southwest Georgia, we are excited that our circulation far exceeds this region to include areas such as Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, and most every major city in the State. Additionally, we boast of having a growing subscription base among readers throughout eleven other states, as well as Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahamas.

indigoLife™…what’s in the name?

The name indigoLife™ relates to the color Indigo, said to be between royal blue and a dark purple. The color purple is often associated with royalty, which fits well with our desire to showcase Black Life Treasures from Southwest Georgia. A renown cultural sociologist, Dr. Deryl G Hunt, once said, “It’s not the problem that counts; it’s the solution.” We realized that if we were to define the black communities of the South, not based on the negative socio-economic challenges they face, but rather on their positive attributes and potential, we could help to inspire a resurgence of social and economic empowerment, the promise of what we call, indigoLife™.‟

The Future of indigoLife™

That said, we believe that indigoLife™ will soon become one of most highly recognized gateways to the African American community of Middle and Southwest Georgia to be known for our presentation of black life from a lens bent toward fostering inclusion. In other words, not only will we find great value in the oral histories and current events found here, we will also be able to share these stories with the rest of the world. And we get to share them in such a way that will, no doubt, engender a raised level of respect by others for the black experience in the South.