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Empowerment Event

logo for fb Join us May 14-16, 2020 at our 6th Annual indigoLife Women’s Empowerment & Cultural Expo, a three-day weekend designed to help expand the inclusive community of women empowered with sustainable approaches toward relationship building, resource management, wealth building, and the development of compelling personas. These essential elements are used to encourage the practice of living indigoLife—the quality of life that results from positive character and leads to prosperity and good will.

As we prepare for this life-changing gathering, we are reminded of a renown cultural sociologist, Dr. Deryl G. Hunt, who once said, “It’s not the problem that counts; it’s the solution.” Imagine if women were to define themselves, not based on problems or challenges they face, but rather see themselves through Overcomer’s eyes. Then we could behold our vast potential and begin to experience a resurgence of personal, social, & economic empowerment, the promise of what we call indigoLife™.  The name indigoLife™ relates to the color Indigo, said to be between royal blue and a dark purple. The color purple is often associated with royalty, which fits well with our desire to uplift and encourage women to regal excellence in their homes, their communities, and in the marketplace.

The event is structured to include several keynote addresses, panel discussions and power-packed breakout sessions. These presentations surround topics of women and their health, women as entrepreneurs, women as community builders, women and their wealth, and women and their image based on self-concepts.

Come be a part of this epic experience, ladies! Come take your rightful place as an indigoLife Woman! Read up on our payment info then dash over and make your deposit to secure your seat: https://indigolifeonline.com/payment-info