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This issue: Spring 2016

This issue: Spring 2016

Hello my friends,

As always, I am excited to have you here with us through another great read of indigoLife Magazine. No different from before, we have some wonderful personalities to present to you, our reading audience. We hope that you will share their stories with your family, friends, and neighbors.  With your help, we can get this publication in the hands of the masses. Imagine what impact that would have on our larger society after continual reading about everyday people and the positive affect they are having on their communities. Imagine how regular reading about common folk who are setting trends can lend some understanding about the process of inclusive community building, and beyond that, how this can become an inspiration to seek inclusion as a way of life. We are on to something here.

The indigoLife Black Life Treasures featured in this Issue happen to be women, who are making their mark in Southwest Georgia. The front cover treasures, the Valorettes Social and Civic Club, are natives of Cordele, Georgia. As of April 28, 2016, they are celebrating 50 years of social and civic service that has aided in the social uplift and civic engagement of Cordele peoples. What a milestone! Our second set of indigoLife Black Life Treasures found in this feature is Femi and Bummi Henderson, sister twins from Southwest Georgia’s metropolis, also named the Good Life City, Albany, Georgia. We learned how they are playing a major role in the cultural expansion of Albany society through the arts. In this issue, we share how these sisters shined the spotlight on other female artists at a showcase of the arts, an event called, When Sisters Gather.

Brenda Darrington Lawson, our healthcare professional, is back to speak on children and behavior altering medication. She encourages our parent readers to spend time getting to know their children and their behavior patterns. In this way, parents and other guardians are able to make better decisions about whether to give their children drugs that will alter their mood and their behavior, in particular during school hours.

We can’t forget Chef Jay Harvey. Don’t you just love how he takes us into his own kitchen, and doesn’t forget to let us know over and over and over again, that there’s a lady standing next to him, his wife, Crystal.  We get it Jay! Well this time, he tells us about how bloopers can turn into blessings at every meal. Let’s see how this turns out.

Alright, I’ll get out of your way and let you get to reading. You know the In My Korner mantra. Say it with me… it’s been my pleasure spending time with you, my friend. And remember, I’m counting on you to stay In My Korner™.

Alicia Ritchey

A graduate of Florida International University (Miami, FL), Alicia received her Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, English Alicia received her Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, English Education. Her ground-breaking research examined classroom culture as a ‘text’ composed by teachers’ use of Goma Curriculum, a character education paradigm.As a National Board Certified Educator, the highest commendation for educators throughout the US, she held numerous posts with Miami-Dade County Public Schools: Instructor of English, Reading, and Creative Writing, Writing Coach & Professional Development facilitator.

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