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Winter Issue 2015-16

Hello my friends,

As always, I am excited to share these few moments with you, especially after a brief pause from the last quarter. Our engine seemed to stall, but thankfully, we’re back up and running again. We are grateful for your patience with us. And we want you to know that despite our delay, you can be assured that you will receive your four issues during this publication cycle.

So here we are with another smashing issue. The indigoLife Black Life Treasures featured in this Issue are phenomenal personalities making their marks across Middle and South Georgia. The front cover treasures, both natives of Cordele, Georgia, are pioneers in their respective fields: sports and medicine. As of 2015, Shelton Felton is the first African American head football coach in Crisp County. In the article, she shares an incredible testimony of story of how this happens. Dr. Wayne Whitest is leading the path in medicine and research with the acquisition of the historic A. S. Clark School, expected to create hundreds of jobs for Cordele-Crisp County residents. Clearly the winds of change are blowing, and the evidence of inclusion is becoming more prominent in this region of the South.  Our third indigoLife Black Life Treasure found in this feature is Charlie Hill-Henderson, fashion designer and co-founder of Albany Fashion Week. Her story about how she came into the fashion industry is inspiring, especially for those who have taken what may be a bold step to pursue their passions.

Other highlights in this Issue center around holiday topics:  spending and family connections. To address these topics are two new writers to our publication, both of whom are experts in the field. Brian Beane, business development mogul and Founder of Mentor to Millions bring a fresh perspective to consumers about Holiday spending. Brenda Darrington Lawson speaks on staying connected to family members, who reside in long term healthcare facilities. As a 20 year healthcare professional, Lawson encourages readers to remember to visit their loved ones, who are confined because of their need for long term care.

And you know Chef Jay Harvey. He is still keeping things turnt up in the kitchen. While you are on break for the holidays, try out his recipe for whole wheat waffles. It’s a winner on so many levels, healthy and great tasting. Share it with family and friends, and let us know how things turn out for you.

You’re ready to start flipping through these pages, I’m sure. I’ll step aside, so you can get perusing. As always, it has been my pleasure spending time with you, my friend. And remember, I’m counting on you to stay In My Korner™.

Happy Holidays!

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