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H2O  – water do you have enough? Do you maintain enough in your body.  Tidbit…our bodies are 60% water. So what would you say if you had a headache…is it possible given that your body is 60% water that your body is dehydrated and not in need of Excedrin, Motrin, Tylenol etc..

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Talk to me…water not tablets….?? .

Dawn Burgher

Dawn R. Burgher, Health Coach / Owner of Strength Stamina and Health Inc., works in the financial services industry for over 25 years and has worked with firms such as Quick & Reilly, Inc; Morgan Stanley; Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. In 2008 Dawn became fascinated with health and more so the integrative approach to health, when her own personal health experiences with cancer had her looking for an alternative to radiation and/or chemotherapy. Dawn also believes that health is not only what we put into our mouth but it is about “Primary Foods.” Primary Foods is a principle coined by The Institute of Integrative Nutrition® and it looks at what we eat, our relationships, our spirituality, our career and also physical activity as important facets, of an individual’s health.

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