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Tokrasee Farms

“where people unite at the center of community” 


In 2005, while in Cordele, Georgia for a family reunion, Mama noticed a sign that read, “40 acres For Sale.” She encouraged my then husband, Ken, and me that we should consider the purchase as we had been talking of buying land in Cordele. We called the owner at the time, Mr. Ben Thornton, to express our interest. Ken and I met Mr. Thornton on the land and negotiated the sale price. Three months later, we were the new owners of what used to be Cordele’s prominent sawmill.

In 2013, some eight (8) years after its purchase, it was clear that the Farm would be named after Mama. The vision was so akin to her nature as a loving, caring, sharing human being. Therefore, the proper name of the land is “The Ozzie Kinchen Ritchey Community Center Farm & Event Venue.” We refer to the venue as Tokrasee Farm, an abbreviated phonetic pronunciation of the actual acronym, TOKRCC, of which the Farm’s proper name. 

Tokrasee Farm is a 44-acre land space located on 11th Street, right at Highway 41, just South of the State Farmers Market within the Cordele city limits. The Farm is just down the street from where my grandparents, Warren and Ozzie Bell Kinchen, lived on 11th Street. To add to the nostalgia, 11th Street is also home to my Mom’s 1st place of business, Kinchen’s Beauty Box, a salon Granddad Warren built for my Mom when she was just 15 years of age. 

Still at our humble beginnings, Tokrasee Farm has mostly been maintained by three primary family farmers: Mr. James Palmer, Mr. James Baker, and Mrs. Lillian J. Hunt, and Mr. Sam Mumphrey, all whose contributions are undeniable.


Over time, the vision for the Farm has become clearer, a vision that compliments the natural landscape and features of old railroad tracks, wetlands, concrete slabs, and beautiful forests. It is perfect for not only an outdoor community center; Tokrasee Farm makes a great spot as the center of community, where people can unite in love and harmony. Our vision further includes an organic garden of Eden, not only in terms of the quality of the soil for vegetation we will grow, rather in terms of the spiritual elements of peace and serenity that one experiences while on these blessed grounds. 


The concrete slabs are exactly right for staging large concerts, weddings, concerts, tea parties, family reunions, and other outdoor events. The open areas of grass make for cozy picnics. The winding paths leading around the area of the land seemed to have been divinely purposed for a nature trail with eye-catching ponds that only enhance the beauty of the geographic layout of the Farm. And the rest, we leave for wild-life that help comprise our eco-system. Coming soon, we hope to construct several pavilions for our guests who may want coverings for seated events.


Besides outdoor events, our plans for Tokrasee Farm also include the site as a hub where women can develop businesses in areas that have both local and global significance, including art, culture, recreation, and agri-tourism. With the Tokrasee Farm initiative, indigoLife™ Communications, Inc. expects to not only strengthen our company’s profitability while providing social-cultural enrichment for residents, attracting greater tourism, and boosting our local economy with tax revenue increases.