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IndigoLife Communications, Inc.

Our company, indigoLife™ Communications, Inc. is a Black woman-owned business enterprise that promotes inclusive community building through our publications, business-to-community programs, and services, including DEI training, communications support, and program management—all designed to inspire, educate, empower, and provide mainstream opportunities for African Americans and other marginalized groups.


Our Story

In the summer of 2011, we relocated from the big city of Miami, Florida to Crisp County-Cordele, a small rural town in Southwest Georgia. Cordele was our family’s gathering spot for reunions and other events that often bring many Southern Black families together. Like other communities in Southwest Georgia, Cordele had its share of socio-economic challenges. Despite what the statistics showed, in terms of the City’s low rankings in health, economics, education, and safety, there was great potential for our treasured City, known as the watermelon capitol of the world.  Our founder, Dr. Alicia Ritchey, was set on helping change the narrative about her mother’s beloved hometown, and in 2013, she launched indigoLife™ Magazine, an upscale publication that featured what we call “Black Life Treasures.” She discovered countless locals, who, with little recognition, were working for the betterment of the City.  The consistent sharing of positive inspiring stories surrounding the lives of these ‘Treasures’ helped to reshape perspectives regarding our local Black community. In 2014, indigoLife™ Communications, Inc. was formed as a business entity.


Since 2015, indigoLife™ has expanded from its initial concentration as a media outlet to include an annual indigoLife™ Women’s Empowerment & Cultural Expo (WECE), attracting women from across the U.S. & abroad. This event allowed us to expand our efforts to empower our nation’s most predominant, most under-utilized, and most undervalued human resource: women.


In 2020, during the global pandemic, indigoLife™ pivoted to a virtual business model. As a result, we have been fortunate to reach and impact an even larger international consumer base and corporate clientele, adding training, consulting, and management to our portfolio of services. In alignment with our inclusive community building brand, indigoLife™ assists other businesses and organizations design programs, services, and events that model diversity, equity, and inclusion in service to African Americans and other marginalized groups.

Our Brand

Renown cultural sociologist, Dr. Deryl G. Hunt, once said, “It’s not the problem that counts; it’s the solution.” Imagine if we, as a society, were to focus not on what divides and separates us, but rather see ourselves through an inclusive lens that acknowledge our common value as a varied humanity. Then we could behold our vast potential and begin to experience a resurgence of equity—personal, social, & economic empowerment, the promise of what we call indigoLife. ™


indigoLife™ as a brand draws its symbolic meaning from the color ‘indigo’. On the color wheel, indigo is between royal blue and purple, and is often associated with royalty. This fits well with our desire that all of humankind should pursue and experience a quality of life rooted in positive character, resulting in prosperity and goodwill.

Our Promise

indigoLife™ Communications, Inc. bears the seal of distinction as an ICB certified business. After review by ICB Productions, Inc., our publications and other products, services, programs, and events are found to evidence principles and core values of inclusive community building.

The ICB Business Seal represents our company’s promise to operate our business with heart-felt service™, where we engage with stakeholders, including our clientele, in ways that communicate trust, honor, and respect.

Our Skills & Expertise

IndigoLife Communications leads the way in offering robust solutions for any organization’s needs in areas of facilitation support,  project management. and communications support. Whether its training your workforce, creating content, or producing & managing your program, our team of experienced professionals can meet and exceed your organizations’ expectations. 

Our service delivery uses the concepts of a single framework, known as The Ellison Model, to help our clients develop and maintain a brand that communicates diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, which is evident in their engagement with their clients, employees, and other stakeholders.  

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